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    Stage 2, includes sail, battens, boom, sheet rope, pulley whip, and bag. 
    Available in 5 colors.
  (blue, red, green, orange, & yellow)


   We offer four sail sizes to suit your age, weight, skill and wind speeds. For the sail thatís right for you, ask Don for more information.


                     2.0 meter Sail
Price    $561.00

                     3.0 meter Sail
      Price    $665.00

                     4.0 meter Sail
      Price    $722.00

                     5.5 meter Sail
      Price    $814.00


   We offer a complete line of replacement parts and accessories.
   This is just a partial list of the most popular products.
   If you don't find what you need please email or call
Carbon Mast Pieces
Top NA
2nd $62.35
3rd $77.80
Ultra Carbon Bottom Section $158.80
Pro Shadow $915.00
POD Complete $518.00
Big Fork Brushed $199.00
Helmet (gray or black) $53.35
Windicator $27.10
Foot Bar Extension $55.00
Mast Crane $61.00
POD Protector Bar $130.00
Mast Protectors $36.60
Disc Brake Set $122.70


To purchase or for more information please contact or give us a call at 717-487-8703

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