Pinchot State Park
Lake Ice Report and activities:

      Date 1/2/2010,
            I checked the ice at 2:00 PM and it was 5"
            Most of the ice has about 1/2" ice snow mix covering.
            Should be great for Ice Boating and Ice Kite Buggying.

      Date 1/3/2010,
            By the time I got to the Lake (4:15) the Wind Gods decided 
         the party was over.
            Ice is 6 1/4". The snow is icy and will not blow away.
            There's always hope for tomorrow !
                Supposed to be WNW 12 at 1:00. Full report.

 Couple Photos:

5 inches_S500.JPG (213368 bytes)

Pinchot Lake Ice_1_S700.JPG (341556 bytes)

Pinchot Lake Ice_2_S700.JPG (267438 bytes) Pinchot Lake Ice_4_S700.JPG (279175 bytes)

   Ice Kite Buggying: 

          Just take a Kite Buggy and put on some homemade runners. 


 Ice Buggy, Athena


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