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About Us

   After ten years of flying stunt kite I opened offering Kites and Wind Toys on the internet. Three year later I got involved with Power Kites and Kite Buggying which quickly became my passion.
   About five years ago a guy (Jesse) that had just moved to the US from Amsterdam contacted me about Kite Buggying. Because of our common interest in wind powered sports and the fact that we lived within an hour and a half of each other we quickly became friends.
   Jesse also brought with him from the Netherlands a BloKart. Well it only took a couple sessions and I was hooked.
   As friends and fellow Kite Buggyers gave BloKarting a try they too wanted to get involved with this fun sport.
   It was a natural progression for me to acquire a BloKart Dealership, start (a division of and fulfill the needs of my friends. Plus this gives me someone to BloKart and have fun with.
   My main focus is for customers to have FUN. That is achieved with quality products and total customer support.
   We are located in York PA, 17408. An area with poor winds but the beautiful beach at Wildwood NJ. is only a couple hours away.
        Pleasant Breezes,
        Don Swords

Don, Blokart, Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed, Primm NV.


To purchase or for more information please contact or give us a call at 717-487-8703

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